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Reconstruction of an industrial quarter in Croatia
Дата выполнения проекта


2012 year
Данные о проекте


Mixed use development
Локация проекта


Badel quarter, Zagreb, Croatia


City Administration of Zagreb
About the project
The new concept will highlight the existing historic building and create a distinctive industrial spirit in the new city block, supporting the development of work-life and cultural synergy.
Our proposal for the redevelopment of the Badel quarter is to create a theme industrial park with the functions of a modern city square and an industrial look. The Badel quarter will represent the unity of the commercial zone and social space. The new square will enhance the socializing function for people who live and work near the square, go to restaurants, shops, play sports and just meet.
After the reconstruction, the Badel quarter will become similar to other closed quarters that have historically developed in the area. The project defines two zones within the block. The first is a loud and noisy public area with an entertainment core and business center buildings. The old winery serves as the central focal point, housing cultural functions such as an exhibition gallery, a library, and a meeting place. The second zone is quieter, located next to the hotel building.
We noticed that the green areas that are scattered throughout the city become smaller towards the east, so we tried to expand the Bartoli Kasisy park by creating a green area in our block opposite the park as an extension of it. The building of Nova Gorica will contain a cultural function - exhibition galleries, conference halls and restaurants.
The public square in the middle of the block is shaped by the curve of the amphitheater, visually dividing the space into a promenade and a zone for various events, and also forms two additional smaller zones for recreation.

Project proposal for the reconstruction of the quarter. View of the main square
Project proposal for the reconstruction of the quarter. View of the main square
For visitors and residents of the Badel quarter, a 3-level underground parking is provided. We also provided special parking for cyclists and segways inside the quarter.
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