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Reconception of the residential complex elevations in Pechersk
Дата выполнения проекта


2021 year
Данные о проекте


Multi-apartment residential building with one-level parking
22 103 м²
Локация проекта


Kyiv, Ukraine


Pechersk is the heart of Kyiv, a place associated with elitism, aristocracy and fashion
Moskovskaya-Citadelnaya Street, earlier, until the 30s of the 19th century, was the main street of the city of Kyiv. The elite of the city spent their free time here. Today, the public life of the city has shifted to Khreshchatyk street, and Pechersk - this is the same fashionable district of the city of Kyiv, only with a calm pace of life, filled with predominantly elite housing.
Residential building Moscow - Citadelnaya street
The center of Kyiv, Pechersky hills, quiet streets with a leisurely pace of life, this is a unique place where you can be in the center of all events. From here, 2-5 minutes to any sight of the city of Kyiv and at the same time only here you can feel complete peace akin to country life.
Residential building Moscow - Citadelnaya street
Residential building Moscow - Citadelnaya street
Residential building Moscow - Citadelnaya street
A 24-storey corner building of the same height with fixed technical and economic indicators is a difficult patient in urban planning. This arrangement is perceived visually hard from the side of the corner. Therefore, in urban planning, closed corners are avoided when forming high-rise buildings - this solution is common in low-rise block buildings.

But we were approached with an already approved space-planning scheme. Which is dissonant with the surrounding buildings.

To save the situation, the architecture of the house was extended using planar and volumetric compositional techniques.

It is customary to divide the volume of the building into 2 parts in order to dilute the solidity of the L-shaped layout with a "book" and set the correct urban planning scale. Because of this, each section received an elongated, vertical, easier-to-perceive silhouette.

One of the sections, oriented towards the central part of the city, was made higher due to a decorative frame, under which technical rooms can be hidden. Thus, one massive building began to be perceived as 2 buildings of different heights that stand side by side.

To heighten the contrast, the section with an advantageous orientation to the city center and the best view characteristics from the apartments received an all-glass facade with rhythmic inclusions of air conditioning baskets. The other is a wall facade with window openings.
Architectural sketches of facades
Architectural sketches of facades
Architectural sketches of facades
Architectural sketches of facades
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