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The concept of former industrial site development near the Lesnaya metro station 240,000 sq.m. housing
Дата выполнения проекта


2016 year
Данные о проекте


Residential complex 237 993 m²
Локация проекта


Metro Lesnaya, Kyiv, Ukraine


The main motive of this proposal is the "industrial", "loft" mood, which pervades the entire history of the site.
View of the residential complex from the street intersection
View of the residential complex from the street intersection
Previously, the industrial quarter ceased to fulfill its main function and is now going through a time of re-profiling for a public and residential function. We paid tribute to the context and history, adopted the main characteristic elements of industrial architecture: the texture of brick, extensive stained-glass windows with small divisions, the rhythm of the facade, utilitarian conciseness, hypertrophied infographics for navigation, metal surfaces, and the heterogeneity of the silhouette of the building, cut through by chimneys and cooling towers.
All this fit into a low-rise building block that is comfortable for a person (6-9 floors) with pedestrian courtyards protected from street noise, connected by a linear park into a single whole. The economy of block development was improved by unevenly high residential tower accents (which were formed by cutting out under the insolation ruler), which made it possible to organically fit into the current building silhouette and give it a new sound. Out-of-yard spaces will be framed by public function on the first floors of houses and a shopping street along the highway.
The general perspective of the residential complex
The general perspective of the residential complex
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