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Facades design reconception for a residential complex in Kyiv
Дата выполнения проекта


2017 year
Данные о проекте


Residential building with underground parking
10 950 m²
Локация проекта


9-11 Otto Schmidt street, Kyiv, Ukraine


Sun Development
One of our cases of reconception is the COSMOS residential complex before it (LC Cathedral). We were ordered to transform only the facades without interfering with the project.
Project before us and after our reconception
Since before our appearance the project had already been fully developed and ready for submission for building permit, we had to achieve the maximum effect on its appearance with minimal intervention in the project documentation. The idea was to use northern European architectural techniques with the use of the maximum number of photovoltaic panels for alternative energy supply
View of the residential complex after the reconception from the street
View of the residential complex after the reconception from the street
Panels were provided on the sunniest façades, allowing the northern façade to be more traditional. And in order to preserve the feeling of housing with such a technological solution as much as possible, we placed photovoltaic panels in the secondary elements of the facade - the background planes of stained-glass windows and balcony railings. The accent parts of the building were designed in familiar materials.
Entrance group of the residential complex after reconception
Entrance group of the residential complex after reconception
Since many modern buildings are too simple, "mute" and inactive at the level of the 1st floor, "silent" and do not "communicate" with pedestrians and casual viewers in any way, we decided to avoid such a situation and the facade close to the pedestrian was done more complicated, we made it more interesting for perception and more active. This is an allusion to the cosmic star cloud that envelops the building on the first level along the entire perimeter, opening up the view and articulating the entrance to the house and the parking lot. At night, the wall of the house turns into an art object, which makes the building recognizable among thousands of others.
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