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One-storey villa with patio 430 sqm
Дата выполнения проекта


2020 year
Данные о проекте


House 432 sqm
Локация проекта


Bucha, Kyiv region, Ukraine


Private client


Client's wishes
The idea of the facade was based on the feeling of the inner world of the future owner of the house, otherwise it would not have been individual tailoring, but simply the use of architectural techniques. The main emotion here is around a large scale, strength and majesty, at the same time strict conciseness, lack of unnecessary details, perfection and straightforwardness.
Main entrance vizualisation
Main entrance vizualisation


In view of the centric motif, the idea arose to emphasize this centricity with roofs of different heights: we got wings.
On the façades, windows that are needed functionally, but which one would not want to observe from the façade, are hidden behind vertical slats. On the main facade, these are such premises as: laundry, bathrooms, furnace, wardrobe. In the yard - master bedroom and wardrobe.

In view of the centric motif, the idea arose to emphasize this centricity with roofs of different heights: we got wings. On the one hand, the wing is turned to the rays of the sun, launching it into the daytime children's Game room, on the other hand, it opens the living room to the forest, emphasizing its internal volume.

The entry group requires a similar approach in its geometry:
Site entrance
Site entrance
Site entrance
Site entrance
In the courtyard, inclined wings work favorably, in the living room, in this way, the excess sun is cut off to avoid overheating, and with this technique, we avoid the feeling of a well by lowering the volume of the right and left wings of the house. Thus, the yard is more sunny and cozy.
Patio visualization
Patio visualization
The materials are used in natural shades, but with contrasting textures: warm wood, cold stone, contrasting detail - black metal.
View from the hall to the courtyard with a swimming pool
View from the hall to the courtyard with a swimming pool

House Planning and Organization

The client acquired a very interesting and controversial site. The south, ideal for orientation, turned out to be to the left of the house with ugly neighboring buildings. A bewitching view of the untouched pine forest turned out to be unfavorable in terms of orientation to the north side. And only the east at the back of the house pleased both the view of the forest and the morning sun.
And what would we do without the courage of the owner to build a house on one floor and even with a patio. Such architecture is inherent in warm latitudes and creates the feeling that you live in a luxury hotel closer to the equator, where every day the sun is the sea and the holiday. In addition to the psychological effect, such shaping made it possible to resolve all issues with the orientation of the house.

The heart of the house, the main axis, and the core is the courtyard with a swimming pool. It can be seen immediately when crossing the entry door of the house, this wow effect is supported by the opening of the courtyard towards the pine forest. The pool will become the center of life in the summer period, and in the winter period, it will simply be covered with a sliding terrace deck located on the side.

The life of the house is organized around the courtyard and inside it. On the South side with an unfavorable view of the neighboring buildings, children's and guest bedrooms were placed, where the view from the window is not so critical, technical and auxiliary rooms were oriented to the front side. On the corners were placed an office and a bedroom.

The living room was glazed on both sides to catch the southern sun from the yard and see the pool, and you could also admire the forest from the north side.

The master bedroom was placed at the very end of the left wing of the house with panoramic windows to the east and the pine forest. This point is as far as possible from the noisy children's bedrooms, giving privacy and comfort to the life of the owners of the house.

House plan. All spaces are organized around a patio. Balancing between closeness and openness to the outside world.
Ground floor axonometry
Ground floor axonometry
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