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Modern hillside villa with ocean views
Дата выполнения проекта


2016 year
Данные о проекте


Villa 335 м²
Локация проекта


15 Albatross Walk, Hallett Cove, SA 5158, Australia



Lyudvig Design Studio
The most interesting solutions are obtained in difficult areas with a large elevation difference.
In the suburbs of Adelaide, our client looked after a dream plot with a breathtaking view of the embankment and the ocean, but as always happens in such cases, behind the beauty was a plot on a slope with a height difference of 1 floor. In construction and arrangement, such sites are complex and expensive.

The main limitations that we encountered are the relief and visibility of the house and plot from neighbors and actually neighboring houses and plots. There was also a requirement not to block the neighbors' view of the ocean. Therefore, the house should be as open as possible towards the ocean and as closed as possible from the other 3 sides, while not losing its attractiveness and not disturbing anyone.
Surveying the design site with a drone
Surveying the design site with a drone
Thanks to the trapezoid-shaped plot, we made the house form dynamic with maximum opening to the ocean view from all living rooms. The depth of the house is minimal, which gives good illumination in rooms. The house was divided into a bedroom area on the 1st floor with access from the street and an active area on the recessed ground floor with access to a plot with a swimming pool.
Oceanview house visualization. Panoramic glazing is applied on 100% of the planes in the private part of the house, oriented to the ocean.
Oceanview house visualization. Panoramic glazing is applied on 100% of the planes in the private part of the house, oriented to the ocean.
The house is divided into functional areas not only vertically, but also horizontally by a stair space that separates the children's bedrooms from the master bedroom on the 2nd floor, and the living room block from the gym on the ground floor.

Also, the staircase made it possible to bring all the spaces together and helps to remove exhaust air from the first floors due to the natural effect of air draft when air is heated from the first floor to the second, where it is removed through the ceiling windows.

The effect of natural ventilation and airing of the house is enhanced by the difference in air pressure on the street and courtyard facade with a constant wind from the ocean.
Visualization of the house on the site, view from the front yard
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