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Project of a house with a garage of 243 m² on a triangular plot


2017 year


House 243 м²


Sofiyivska Borshchagovka


Private client
A house for a family that decided to change the familiar environment of their native South of our country, leaving everything and moving to the capital. After a few viewings of houses for sale, they decided to build their own. With a special desire and investing our whole soul, we worked on a house for this Client
Brick private house in the prairie style Sofiyivska borshchagovka


Client's wishes
To create from A to Z comfortable spaces on 2 levels for a family with adult children.
House up to 250 sq.m with a summer terrace, furnace, and garage. Provide for a spacious kitchen-dining room + living room with a fireplace; 2 guest bedrooms, 1 master bedroom with all service facilities.

Find the location of the spa complex on the site, develop the spa complex itself with a swimming pool, which would harmoniously fit next to the architecture of the main house.

To select materials in the right budget and satisfying durability, to find best structure solutions for walls and details.


The plot is shaped like a piece of cheese.
They liked the site for the house on Sofiyivska Borshchagovka in Kyiv, far from the growl of the highway, but at the same time with convenient car accessibility. The plot is shaped like a piece of cheese.

This plot has an ideal position to the sun path.

Any disadvantage can be turned into an advantage.
This plot form allows you to have a perspective multiplane picture. Such a site is cozy in itself, especially if the landscaping is correctly placed.
At this stage, we determined which rooms are best for insolation, determined the functional zoning and connections.

The place for the building was identified. The house should be located as close as possible to the road, form the front of the street along the entire curved front border of the site - protect the courtyard from casual looks from the street. It was also determined that the house should have a minimum depth so as not to take away valuable square meters of the garden.

In this territory, a typical project would certainly not provide such convenient functionality.
Site master plan
Site master plan
Brick house with a garage. Main entrance
Brick house with a garage. Main entrance

House planing and organization

The fundamental decision was the response to the shape of the site, the response along the adjacent road.

Thus, the house was located along the outer edge of our "cheese" plot, a wardrobe, a bathroom, a kitchen, a pantry, and a staircase were taken to the north from the side of the plot closer to the road.

And at the warm sunny courtyard-oriented side of the house, there is a guest bedroom, a living room, and a dining room.

The heart of the house is a fireplace that works on two sides: the living room and dining area. Living and dining area connected to a summer terrace
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
The second floor is a quiet sleeping area with bedrooms for the owners and children who come to visit, and cozy terraces with roof awnings.

Master bedroom with fireplace, separate wardrobe and spacious bathroom.
First floor plan
First floor plan

House architecture

To hide the heaviness of the long main facade of the house, we used the prairie style.
The large length of the facade and its duality - due to the curved shape of the site, we have formed 2 main and 2 courtyard facades, we introduced several accent axes that "break" the monotony. Along the street, the first axis is a vertical and narrow staircase volume, the second axis is a lower but wider volume with the main entrance.

To hide the heaviness of the extended facade of the house, we used the prairie style - we more actively developed the ground floor with wide roofs overhang. They emphasized horizontal lines and visually divided the whole house into 2 levels.

Emphasized diverse horizontal roofs dissolve the house in the surroundings and cast a cozy shadow on the terraces around the house. Also, large roof overhangs protect the walls of the house from the summer sun and excessive overheating and high cooling bills in the summer.

But, despite this, the house is designed in such a way as to catch all the sun's rays into the rooms on short winter days and passively heat the spaces and keep a positive emotional mood of the owners.

Therefore, all window openings to the rooms to the south are maximized, and all windows to the north, on the contrary, are reduced.
Two-story brick private house
Two-story brick private house
Also, in order to visually facilitate the design of the house, large stone columns were used; in contrast to the wall, they make the house easier to perceive, emphasizing the strict tiered hierarchy of volumes.
Also, in order to visually facilitate the design of the house, large stone columns were used; in contrast to the wall, they make the house easier to perceive, emphasizing the strict tiered hierarchy of volumes.

The first and second floors are finished with bricks of different shades, also to maintain the perception of tiering and hide the height of the house.

A ventilated attic above all the rooms of the house as a reliable buffer zone between the street and living area will provide additional comfort since the owners will not have to deal with overheating. All excess heat in the attic would be actively utilized through vents in the roof structure.
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