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Two and three-storey townhouses 120-150 sq.m
Дата выполнения проекта


2021 year
Данные о проекте


Townhouse 120-150 m²
Локация проекта


Park lake city, Kyiv region, Ukraine




Client's wishes
Affordable luxury is what formed the basis of the current concept of townhouses. The combination of textures of natural materials with an expressive compositional rhythm made it possible to emphasize the individuality and significance of each townhouse and at the same time not violate the integrity of the perception of the entire building line.
Street facade of townhouses
Street facade of townhouses


When you hear the word townhouses, a picture of a series of identical, indistinguishable buildings in a row immediately pops up in your head. Where the individuality of each house is given only by cars parked nearby, or a flower garden on the lawn.

Why not dispel this boredom and do something unusual and at the same time acceptable for the future owner of the house

At the forefront of the design lay the following ideas:
- significance
- individuality
- building silhouette
- rhythm
Скетч линии блокированных домов
Front yard visualization
Front yard visualization
Front yard visualization
Front yard visualization
We pursued the goal of emphasizing the significance of each townhouse, while not violating, and even improving the overall silhouette of the building
- a cheap house is distinguished from an expensive one in the first place by the material used in the construction. Instead of standard plaster for this typology of buildings, it was proposed to use porcelain stoneware with a travertine texture. What-what and natural stone always decorate the object. Due to the fact that the object is commercial - they took a replacement - porcelain stoneware. Recently, the textures of porcelain stoneware look like natural stone.

The texture of the stone goes very well with metal, especially noble shades. Therefore, accents were added to porcelain stoneware in the form of bronze-colored metal inserts on the slopes and facade of the building.
Backyard visualization
Backyard visualization
Backyard visualization
Backyard visualization

Every family has unique needs. Therefore, two types of residential buildings were proposed for 120 and 150 sq.m, 2 and 3-storey, respectively, each of them received a peculiar facade.

Rectangular frames on the facade with beveled metal slopes made the facades charismatic and expressive. In a 2-storey building on the street facade, they marked the main entrance to the house. And in the 3-storey building, they hid the scale and height of the house by dividing it into 2 unequal volumes.

So that the 2-3-storey wall of the facade of the house does not morally suppress and allows you to relax on the terrace of the backyard, it was brought closer to the human scale by using rectangular frames only in horizontal position 1 floor high.
Street silhouette

Three-storey houses were used to place accents in the building line of 2-storey houses. Thus, there was a chance to recognize your home at the street. And we receive heterogeneous and pulsating silhouette of the street.
Backyard vizualisation
Backyard vizualisation
Backyard vizualisation
Backyard vizualisation

As rhythmic music sets the mood for the day, we set the mood for the design with the rhythm on the facade of the building.

Alternate buildings of different heights in a well-chosen proportion and create a rhythm of street building.

The main front facade of townhouses is a strict string of vertical frames in 2-storey buildings and close to a square - in 3-storey buildings.

The courtyard façade has received a calm rhythm from horizontal frames, which, as it were, suggest that in the backyard of the house there is only a place for rest and relaxation.
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