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Two-story view house on the shore of the lake 230 sq.m
Дата выполнения проекта


2022 year
Данные о проекте


House 230 sqm
Локация проекта


Sumi, Ukraine


Private client


Client's wishes
The first line from the lake with amazing views. A place of power, a place where you meditate every second just by looking at the peaceful look and consciousness of the landscape. On the edge of civilization and at the same time almost in the center of the city. A house in such a place should be neutral and calm, not interfere, but help a person feel nature and become part of it.
Main facade of house
Main facade of house
Main facade of house night view
Main facade of house night view


The architecture of this house is a story about how to convey and enhance GENIUS LOCI and at the same time create a place for a life of relaxation and daily recovery of future residents of the house after a working routine. The house should become part of nature, obey it, organically fit into the environment, become part of the whole.
Carport in a private house
Carport in a private house
The basis of the composition is horizontal slabs that protrude from the ground like rock layers and create shelter from the weather. Blank walls were used minimally only where it was justified by the function - in technical areas, bathrooms, storage rooms, and the northern facade.

From the north, the house is completely covered with walls due to the creation of privacy from neighbors and also to minimize heat loss. Only due to the shift of the north wall of the house, the eastern sun enters the stairs and the kitchen area of the house for pleasant morning breakfast and for additional lighting.

The south side, according to the principles of designing solar houses and Passive House, is completely open, with a minimum of walls, made exclusively of glass with large overhangs of canopies on each floor. In summer, visors will protect the premises from overheating by cutting off direct sunlight, and in winter, on the contrary, the house receives additional thermal energy from the sun through a large area of windows.
House perspective
House perspective
The disclosure of all the premises of the house towards the south from the point of view of building physics became doubly justified due to the unsurpassed view of the lake.
Recreation area near the house
Recreation area near the house

Finishing materials are chosen in sunny sandy tones without active accents to create an emotion of warmth, comfort, relaxation, organically dissolving the building in the surroundings.

3 materials were used in the decoration of the house:

- small-format textured porcelain stoneware on the 1st floor of the house (textured materials laid out in a pattern create an ornament that is tactile, visual, which is important for planes placed close to a person, the space becomes richer and more interesting);

- large-format smooth sandstone effect porcelain tile on horizontal slabs(emphasizes the continuity and solidity of horizontal slabs);

- inclusions of natural wooden planks made of thermal wood in accent areas (causes a feeling of warmth, comfort and breaks the solidity of the structure);
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