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One-story house with a panoramic living room
Дата выполнения проекта


2021 year
Данные о проекте


House 188 м²
Локация проекта


Derevyanki, Ukraine


Private client


House of sun
Meet the chief designer of this house is the sun.

And just as the sun shines endlessly in the sky through the ages and epochs, the process of his creativity around and inside this house is also endless.

The sun lives and creates in this house all day long from early morning until late evening, refracting through the foliage, casting a cool shadow and caressing with its warm rays the surfaces of natural wood, stone, glass, metal and concrete.

Every moment the interior and exterior of the house is completely different, completely unrecognizable compared to what you saw half an hour ago.
Главный фасад виллы дневной вид
Главный фасад виллы ночной вид


Getting to work, it became immediately clear that the main task in designing this house is not to interfere.

Do not interfere with the perfection of nature and the play of light and shadow.

The architecture of the house is dissolved in the surroundings, lightened to the perception of shelter in the forest from the annoying rain or the scorching sun in summer.

The house is dominated by horizontal lines, light "feathers" of slabs that provide shelter and work as sun protection, while nothing prevents you from admiring nature both in the forest and inside the house.

The wall, as an element of protection, was used minimally, sheathed with a ventilated facade made of wooden planks and natural stone tiles, which further disguises it with the surroundings on the site.

And since the sun is the main creator of everything here, the central part of the house is the living room, designed as a glass prism that focuses the light and passes it further, allowing you to plunge into the entire light spectrum of emotions and colors, enjoy nature in all its manifestations.
Гостиная дома. Двухсторонний камин
Вид из гостиной в сторону подъездной дороги к дому


The building patch stretched from north to south. Two long sides are oriented to the east and west, where the depth of the site is greatest and the best views from the premises.

Simplified, the house consists of three volumes. Central - living room and two sleeping blocks that flank the living room on the short sides.

The living room is visually open on two sides of the plot, which allows you to enjoy sunrises and sunsets in one space and make the surrounding forest part of the interior of the house.

As our ancestors said, fire has always been the heart of the house! He gave warmth, food, and protection.

In this house, he is also given an honorable central place in the main block of the glass living room in the form of a double-sided fireplace. It balances the emotional insecurity in such a large open space.

The space of the glass "prism" of the living room, like a bridge, connects two more closed wings of the house - for children and adults. Since the living room as a room is physically almost intangible, the two wings of the house are read as two separate buildings. With a "covered terrace" living room. This technique facilitates the perception of the building, visually reducing its scale.
Схема генплана участка
Схема генплана участка
Крыльцо дома, навес над входной зоной
Общий вид дома со стороны главного фасада


3 materials were used in the decoration of the house:

- a small-scale narrow wooden lath made of warm-colored thermal timber as the primary finishing material for the entire facade and ceiling lining;

- large-format textured stone tiles of a cold shade in accent zones and areas of increased transit. Moreover, the exterior finish was used in the interior of the living room in order to blur the line between the interior and exterior of the building as much as possible, to let nature in. Large-format tiles are used for color contrast and scale contrast on the facade of the house.

- black metal, as a graphic element of the facade, for aluminum window systems, sheathing of the ends of slabs, and other accents in the architecture of the house;
Терраса накрытая перголой у дома
Общий вид дома ранним утром
Зона отдыха у дома. Видовая терраса и кострище
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